Update Patch Notes 1.4

With the new design of Teak, i changed a lot of the models from the game to make it more cartoonish!

Im working on the frame-rate conf of the game actually to make it accessible for everyone. “4 gb of ram at least”

  • New areas with secrets and breakable environment!
  • New Attacks for Kally and Eerik.
  • Controller and Keyboard support !
  • Coop mode with PvP if players want to fight.
  • Pickaxe added to destroy huge elements inside the level to explore secrets.
  • Pets and a special companion “Vash”.
  • Intense action bounce breaker! “Bounce the monsters against the wall and floor”
  • Lives for the players ” Max 9 “
  • New IA for monsters “More easy to fight”
  • Witch Shop added to this version “Upgrade your stats! “
  • Snowball effect in the game “You can get stronger by coming back the lobby and keep upgrading your powers until destroy the actual world”
  • 5 giant final boss fights ! ” Demo Include’s Medusa and Clowny “
  • Jumpscares with fatal consequences for the players.
  • New backstory with Roger, the detective.
  • A secret code to enter the Cheat mode. “Derp! Play fair :S “

That's all for the moment! I wish you have fun with this crazy game

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