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The Eerie Adventures of Kally is weird, silly, and generally a good time. I've only played a little of it so far, but am already enjoying what I'm seeing. Hearing as well, because the game has some rad tunes going on. Being able to just sit there and wail on enemies is fun, though I feel like some balance is needed in the long run.

Good job on this, dev.

Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed the game  :)

That demo it's old, i'm so close to release a reworked one, with balance, new mechanics, enemies and a new visual style.

I focused more in the combat and the story in this one, also, added a ton of jokes and funny moments, hopefully i will release it in a couple days.

Hope you enjoy the new Teak !

Think this is my favourite game of the week! I really enjoyed it, so many moving parts. I do reviews of games i like on itch, this week i included yours, i hope you don't mind!

Thank you very much man! :D

Was my pleasure, hope it is well recieved!