Your size can make you go through tight places and destroying big stone blocks!



Melvin the little mage felt in love with the beautiful witch of the Moon, being so obsessed that he made a mistake and trapped himself inside a love based bubble, now Melvin must  travel to the Moon to free himself and meet Luna, the supreme witch of the Moon that knows every spell in the universe and hopefully, will free Melvin and express his feelings!

How much you will suffer for love?

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God damn man this is super cool and reaaaally fun! Sadly, I cant beat third level) but I really enjoyed the graphics and the momentum, also I think player needs to be a bit more stable, I mean the friction is maybe tooo low, but maybe that's just my gaming skills XD. Overall great job!

Thank you MrSirGame! for your honest review, it could be easier but i decided for some reason go mental in stages 3 and 4 hehe, the last one is my favourite, the game introduces Fans! Glad you had fun :D


Whaooooo love the 2-3 D graphiks

Thanks Gro0tie! :D