Raid-House is a miniproject of mine for you! Made in a week. simple, fast and with an objective, super hard!

Make your way and earn points by destroying the blocks, watch out for those fallable ones  and explosives , you must find the EXIT DOOR and earn enought score to escape the level!  

If your time runs out... Game over!

Create your own RaidHouse level and shoot the targets and loot the score to earn TIME!

Survive the pressure of the Raid-House! Can you hold it?

WIN the game to earn more bullets and speed!

Raid-House is a little project, made entirely from Scratch to play in your browser, maybe in a future, i could be able to port into android.

You have 3 characters, Jack, Ninja and Boomy. Each one have different stats!

PD: RH is actually on development, any ideas or commentary will help me to improve the gameplay and other aspects aswell. Have fun!

HELP:  The Chunk Lenght value in the menu changes the distance between blocks, the less, the closer, carefull in value 1, many blocks close together can blow up memory!

HELP 2: If you notice lag during the gameplay, reduce the World Size in the raid menu

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