Joyland Paradise Current State is a Town Builder with rewinding logic, it isn't finished at all and there will be changes, create towns and use rewinding, have fun with this experiment! :)
W,A,S,D - Move
R- Rewind
-Left Click: Build Tile  /  -Right Click: Fast Travel

Welcome to Joyland Paradise!
As the new owner of Joyland, your will is to bring life to every corner of the town, and make Joylanders  as happy as possible!
Treat Joyland residents with joy vibe!
And  make a great town with the use of Time.   

"Joylanders tend to die if they are not having a good life.. Bring them a home, bring them parks and food, make sure they don't starve, if something goes wrong, don't have doubt on using Rewind. 

Joyland Paradise is a social experiment inside a game, make a town and rise it up making sure the residents have a good life before they die.

Joyland residents love you!

 And you will do

¿How long could you hold Joyland?


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its a slide show of lag with the web version