An evil castle remains in this lonely island.. Your mission is to destroy it, drop your launchers around it and destroy piece by piece the evil castle.

PD: In memory of my grandpa, finished for his honor. "It happened the second day of the jam"

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorThe Great DS
GenreAction, Adventure, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 3D, Arcade, Destruction, Physics, Pixel Art, Real time strategy

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Great Game, I'm sorry for your loss though

The basic gameplay idea is really fun. I wish the aiming was a little more accurate and the sound effects were a little more subtle. Thank you for uploading :3

sorry for your loss

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very good game, but the cannons should maybe be more accurate


Nice game, sorry for your lost

Hi there, i just found this game and I would like to suggest something, so for the mines i feel like you should make it a little bit faster in my opinion. Thank you and have a good day

im unable to run it :/

Hi there, why you can't run the game?  Let me know more details to help you ;)

it never finishes loading. sorry for the late response, im not active here.


Sorry for your loss. This game is actually a fun game, Glad you finished it 


Sorry for your loss. Glad you finished the game, it was a delight to play!


Hey guys! Game uploaded, final build for the jam, i hope you enjoy it <3


I really like destroying stuff.

and now I can. its one awesome game

I'm so happy that you had fun with it!  The following update im about to upload have everything working, from all weapons to more holes! hehe :]

I have one question:

can you make a tool description please.

Thanks for replying by the way

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Sure thing! I didn't did it for time, but at this point is a must for the game, thanks for the suggestion :D

no Problem.

This is really fun, love the style

Thank you! I'm about finishing it soon hehe, the last hours 

classic my friend! love the minecraft type game design :p

Thanks m8,  the game is far away from minecraft hehe, but i enjoy it a lot, i made a fun game in the end 



Thanks <3