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I got trapped in a room that says 'nothin here yet'

ah yes

You've found it!  I don't know how you can get trapped in there haha

how do u do the test

Hold mouse click pointing at it.

awesome game but it takes forever to load

Thanks, that's kinda weird lol

When I was in the library I pressed H IT SCARED THE ABSOLUTE SHIT OUT OF ME also how do I read books

Wups.. Debug stuff from horror games you know haha, stay in the middle of the library to earn knowledge.

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Thank you for playing it, i think i know why that happened.. It loads lighting during playthrough and got some spike, the character speed increases double at that point for a milisecond ignoring the colliders, the desktop build is coming, and it does have proper asset loading :]

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Damn! It really works then hehe, im still working on it, fixing stuff you know.. Trying to make it more creepy.

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This is a cool game... but 2 things, one, Billy just spawned in front of the classroom i was in so I died. And 2, Billy litrialy walks through doors.... fix this please.

Working on it! He usually spawns around the area you are, i might need to make him spawn from lockers to help player localize the thread faster.  I have a hotfix on development for the doors, so that you have time enough to react.

Thank you for the feedback

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oh, quick thing tho... can you make it where instead of clicking on the doors, you can open them by walking into them (but with a delay of course) since it is already hard for me to find to "button" on the doors.

I didn't understood.. do you mean by colliding the door yourself? ,The mouse button is the only action in the game, i'm working for future item support, so you can carry things in your bag, everything touchable "interactive" is outlined, i think i didn't understood the question :[  

sry what i mean is... you know how the doors turns purple/blue when you can interact with it right? The problem is, everytime I wanna open a door, I have to look at the top of the door, then it works. So if you did something where the character walks into the door, it opens, but with a delay

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Thank you for playing it! I did a hotfix for the door collisions and other stuff, the jumpscare key was removed too <3

Great Job dev! 

Thank you very much Niven!  :D